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Artist Statement 2023

     I try to find a balance of hope and lament in my work. I want to feel the pain of being and the violence of life in difficult times. Imaginative worlds, small measures of humour, and an underlying goodwill to others are what I hope comes through. I am trying to reinforce my belief that all is not lost, but I can’t help but work with tragedy as a theme. I find energy in creating work that addresses the prevailing grief of society in this moment, and the question of what to do with my climate anxiety.


     I am grateful for my practice and the privilege it depends on. I enjoy making improvised images, with an enthusiasm for colour and materiality and formal elements including shape, space, movement, rhythm, depth, and time. I have a fascination with the gestalt process of balancing and aligning work, beginning with the improvisation of a language, and following my instincts until a resolution is found. I embrace alternative choices in improvising and don’t feel a need for conventional beauty. Art-making has been a survival mechanism for me, never a cynical endeavour, and these are the results.

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